Bio of Katherine Coppedge


Katherine Coppedge is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe located in South Dakota, where she was born and raised.

Shortly preceding high school graduation, Katherine left home to pursue a career opportunity in the United States Air Force as a Material Management Specialist. Following basic and technical training graduation in Lackland Air Force Base, she then received her duty station orders to Minot, North Dakota. In Minot, Katherine devoted her time to towards the mission’s goals, aspiring to become an Officer, while taking college courses at night and volunteering for extracurricular activities during her off time. However, due to uncontrollable events, she was medically retired, given an honorable discharge, and is considered a disabled veteran.

After the military, Katherine went on to continue her education, and currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration/Health Management. She is now working towards her Master’s degree in Health Administration and aspires to finish with a Doctorate’s degree.

Katherine is married to Army Staff Sergeant Gabriel Coppedge of the Seminole Tribe, and they have four children.