Welcome to our first blog post!

In 2014 the Lakota Women Warriors made their debut. Since making our first appearance at the Black Hills Powwow, we have been super busy. We are now going on our 5th year. We have traveled across the nation and we have visited many places and have met so many great people. We have many things yet to accomplish and we thought how nice it would be to start a blog to fill in everyone on what we are doing.

Our first event of the year will be taking place this next coming weekend. The Seminole Tribe of Florida invited us to their yearly event in Brighton, Florida in Okeechobee. This event is Brighton Field Days. Many people attend, and there are events that take place during the weekend.There are many talented vendors in attendance, great food, great entertainment and an awesome rodeo. We will take photos and share after the event.

2019 will be a busy year. We have started off with an already full calendar of events. We also have our logo finalized and are selling t-shirts for fundraising for travel expenses. If you like what we do, who we represent or want to support us in any way possible, we have created a donation button that go to and lend us your support. We appreciate all of your support.